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Career Profiles Search: film

Documentary Filmmaker

Coordinate cameras and crew to tell a true story on film.

Film Actor

Play different characters on the big screen.

Film Archivist

Catalog and protect old films.

Film Art Director

Manage the department charged with creating movie sets.

Film Co-Producer

Supervise filming and post-production to keep movie budgets under control.

Film Composer

Write original songs that capture the mood of major motion pictures.

Film Contact Lens Technician

Create special contact lenses for movie productions.

Film Developer

Operate machines to develop still or motion-picture films.

Film Director

Drive the creative and artistic vision of a film.

Film Editor

Make the final narrative decisions on a movie by choosing the scene order.

Film Executive Producer

Oversee all movie business and production from start to finish.

Film Gang Boss

Oversee construction projects or erect neat props on movie sets.

Film Historian

Explore and share the key moments of film history.

Film Inspector

Operate motion picture projectors to inspect home movie films.

Film Loader

Load and unload film magazines.

Film Makeup Artist

Alter the looks of Actors through makeup or prosthetics.

Film Printer

Set up and operate motion picture film printing machines.

Film Producer

Be involved in each step of a film’s production and distribution.

Film Production Coordinator

Book hotels, double check props are transported and actors are happy.

Film Production Manager

Make sure film productions are completed on time and within budget.