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Director of Events

Lead a team to arrange big bashes and events.

District Loss Prevention Manager

Enforce anti-theft rules at all company branches within a specific area.

Event Coordinator

Manage an event from beginning to end.

Event Manager

Oversee the staff and logistics needed to organize an event.

Event Planner

Handle the nitty-gritty of setting up an event.

Event Security Guard

Patrol and protect crowds at concerts, parties, and special events.

Infection Preventionist

Keep infection from spreading within a healthcare facility.

Loss Prevention Agent

Keep store merchandise safe from theft.

Loss Prevention Analyst

Work with companies to find out how theft is happening and help stop it.

Loss Prevention Associate

Prevent shoplifting and thefts.

Loss Prevention Manager

Plan and implement ways to stop shoplifting and other forms of theft.

Prevention Specialist

Educate at-risk populations about strategies to protect their health, safety, and welfare.

Preventive Maintenance Coordinator

Plan and coordinate schedules of preventive maintenance for equipment.

Preventive Medicine Physician

Prevent public health issues through research and education.

Trauma Injury Prevention Specialist

Educate the public to help prevent injuries.