Entry Level Jobs in Tampa, FL

Tampa, also known to locals as “The Big Guava”, is home to over one hundred thousand folks, which means that there’s a huge number of job opportunities, with a healthy amount of competition. With the cost of living being close to the country’s average (U.S. average is 100), finding an entry level job in Tampa could be an attractive option for many recent graduates.

Popular Majors and Jobs in Tampa, Florida

Many Tampa locals have majored in business administration, marketing, or management science. The city’s teachers, accountants, and executive account managers are amongst the 100,000 plus daily commuters who spend close to 30 minutes getting to work. People who become teachers are considered to be in a popular position as it outpaces both recruiter and sales representative jobs. The unemployment rate here is also considered to be better than the state of Florida.

Popular Industries

Tampa is home to the headquarters of a large number of companies in the United States. The financial services industry the top source of entry level employment in the city. This industry is followed by hospital & health care and higher education respectively in terms of popularity. The list on the right side of this page demonstrates some of the leading Tampa employers, many of which fall into the top three industries mentioned above.

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