Entry Level Jobs in Miami, FL

Over one hundred thousand people call the city of Miami, Florida home, which means that there’s a huge number of job opportunities, with a healthy amount of competition. Students seeking entry level jobs in Miami should know that the average rent here is over one thousand dollars. The city’s above average cost of living is not for everyone, with the median household income being around $30,000.

Majors and Job Titles of Miami Residents

Many Miami locals have graduated with a major business administration, marketing, or psychology. The city’s teachers, accountants, and executive account managers are amongst the 200,000 plus daily commuters who spend an average of 28 minutes getting to work each day. Graduates who work as teachers are considered to be in a popular position as it outpaces both administrative assistant and legal intern jobs.

Popular Industries

The higher education sector is one of the leading industries for recent grads to find their first jobs. This sector is followed by the financial services and the hospital & health care industries. Together, these industries employ a significant amount of occupants in Miami, Florida. Those who are looking for entry level jobs in Miami will find numerous accessible opportunities in these leading sectors among others.

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