Entry Level Jobs in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, also sometimes known as “The Magic City”, houses over a hundred thousand people. With the cost of living being reasonable, deciding to take an entry level job in Birmingham could be an attractive option for many recent graduates.

Majors and Job Titles of Birmingham Residents

In Birmingham, business administration is one of the most common employed degrees, followed by marketing and accounting. With a population density of less than 2,500 people per square mile, Birmingham is one of the less busy cities in the United States to work in. Some of the most popular first job titles for graduates who work here include accountants, teachers, and sales representatives.

Birmingham is home to the headquarters of a large number of companies in the United States. The higher education industry the top source of entry level employment in the city. This industry is followed by hospital & health care and banking respectively in terms of popularity. The list on the right side of this page demonstrates some of the leading Birmingham employers, many of which fall into the top three industries mentioned above.

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