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Zoo Director



Keep zoo animals happy and visitors pleased.

What does a Zoo Director do?

Forget being a Lion Tamer. If you’re an animal lover, then working as a Zoo Director could be your calling. The job of Zoo Director brings you face to face with adorable baby penguins and enormous hippos. It’s a way to share the joy of these exotic animals with millions of people, and at the same time protect endangered species around the world.

Zoo Directors are similar to Movie Director – only the Tigers don’t act. It’s up to you to assemble your cast of employees who make sure everything runs smoothly, your star animals that live in your exhibits, and your visitors who serve as your audience each day.

All this takes a lot of planning. One minute, you’re raising funds to remodel the tiger habitat, and the next, you’re working with Politicians to encourage new animal protection laws.

Of course, you spend time with your animal friends as well. You want each animal to have a sprawling habitat and healthy food. Your red pandas want trees to climb, and the newborn tiger cubs want to run and play. Frequent meetings with your staff keep you filled in on which animals are sick and which need improved living quarters.

In addition to keeping your furry residents happy, you keep your visitors happy, too. Guests come to learn and explore. Live bird shows and petting zoo areas help strengthen the bond between humans and nature. Your passion and well-built zoo bring in thousands of dollars in donations every year to help protect the animals.

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