Zipper Sewing Machine Operator

Tend battery of machines that cut and form metal slide fastener scoops.

What does a Zipper Sewing Machine Operator do?

Tends battery of automatic machines that cut and form metal slide fastener scoops from wire and crimp them onto beaded edge of tape to form side of zipper: Positions box of beaded tape behind each machine and mounts coil of wire on roller. Threads tape and wire through guides and automatic feeder mechanism and into forming dies. Starts machines, and observes operation to detect malfunctioning, such as jamming. Measures scoops to verify specified dimensions, such as width, spacing, and height of lug, using micrometer. Turns setscrews to adjust die jaws for height of lug and depth of cup on scoops, using wrenches. May examine finished product for imperfections, such as malformed or rough-cut scoops, using eye loupe. May tend automatic machine that attaches preformed scoops to tape.