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Youth Program Coordinator



Manage the various activities of youth development programs.

What does a Youth Program Coordinator do?

As a Youth Program Coordinator, you’re responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs for the youth of the community. You’ll identify the requirements and interests of the youth and find resources and organizations to help them. All available activities are known to the community, so you’re responsible for advertising and promoting youth programs. Preparing budgets, planning activities, maintaining records, and monitoring facilities and equipment are part of your daily routine. You supervise and monitor volunteers of the programs and ensure that everyone is on schedule. You analyze and evaluate program activities, establish if all the objectives are met, and find the best ways to implement the activities. As an interface between the community and volunteers, you offer insights while developing new programs.

As a Youth Program Coordinator, you need good communication, negotiation, and mediation skills. You also have to be very organized and have basic computer knowledge. Sound knowledge in office administration and time management are also needed.

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