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Youth Ministry Director



Design classes that encourage young people to participate in religion.

What does a Youth Ministry Director do?

Middle school and high school are times for learning, growing, and exploring. Often, young adults are struggling to find where they fit in and what they believe. Youth Ministry Directors reach out to young adults interested in their church, and set up programs to educate the community about their religion. Not only do Youth Ministry Directors help teens become more involved in the church, but they also give them a safe place to make friends and hang out.

Your daily duties as a Youth Ministry Director include planning new programs and activities, and determining how much of the church’s budget you can put toward each event. Some days may be spent talking with students who are interested in joining your group, while other days find you leading field trips or teaching classes.

As an important leader within the church, you’re responsible for setting up services for youth groups. These responsibilities range from hiring and training Teachers for weekly Sunday School classes to choosing a theme and designing activities for a summer Bible School retreat. Planning takes a lot of creativity, but you’ll also need good organizational skills to work within your budget and keep accurate records of the events.

In this job, you spread your faith in a way that’s engaging and intriguing to young adults. By creating lessons aimed at spreading your message and building healthy, lasting friendships, you show them how they can make a difference in their community and in their own lives.

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