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Yoga Teacher

Teach students how to build mental and physical strength through yoga.

What does a Yoga Teacher do?

Yoga is the practice of using different poses, movements, and breathing techniques to promote strength and relaxation in its practitioners. A yoga teacher is the guru that imparts these techniques, helping students achieve the physical strength and mental harmony that the practice advocates.

There are different types of yoga from which yoga teachers can choose their specialization. Some types are practiced in hot environments up to 115 degrees while others are just warm, and still others aren’t heated at all. There are flow classes that teach quick movements, creating something close to a dance, while others are slow and teach students to repetitively hold the same pose sequences. In all forms of yoga, though, the emphasis is on strength and flexibility, calling for the use of the core muscles.

When you lead your students through a class session as a yoga teacher, you teach different techniques and poses aimed at helping them gain strength. Really experienced yogis can do moves like headstands or arm poses that require impressive core and arm strength, but these take a while to develop. You get your students started on the basics, the goal being that one day, they’ll be able to do these difficult moves.

But yoga, like any exercise, can lead to injuries if not done correctly. Because of this, you need to carefully guide your students through the proper techniques so they avoid injury.