Yarn Cleaner

Examine packages of wound yarn for defects.

What does a Yarn Cleaner do?

Examines packages of wound yarn for defects, such as bruises, cuts, tangles, or soil and removes defective yarn to salvage usable yarn, using one of following methods: Pulls yarn from package by hand. Places yarn in holder, and inserts yarn end in nozzle of vacuum tube that draws defective portion from package. Places defective yarn package on holder and draws yarn end over revolving reel, observing yarn to determine when defective portion is removed. Cuts yarn from reel and segregates yarn according to type. Cleans soiled packages, using cloth and detergent. Cuts through packages, using hooked knife or heated knife. Writes information, such as plant number, worker number, and yarn type on cards and places cards with usable packages. May rewind salvaged yarn by hand or using winding machine.