Yarding Engineer

Operate yarding machines to pull logs from cutting area to landing.

What does a Yarding Engineer do?

Operates yarding machine to pull logs from cutting area to landing: Controls direction, speed, and braking of cable drums to position chokers or grapples over logs, pull logs across cutting area, lift logs over tree trunks and other obstructions, and position logs for loading onto trucks, using pedals and hand levers in response to whistle or horn code signals. May drag blocks, cable, and other equipment to rigging crew. May raise steel tower, or prerigged spar, and tension guy lines. May drive self-propelled yarder between yarding sites. May be designated according to type of yarding system used as High-Lead Yarder; Sky-Line Yarder; Slack-Line Yarder; or according to type of equipment operated as Grapple-Yarder Operator; Steel-Spar Operator; Triple-Drum Operator. May control machinery on deck of pullboat in cypress forest and be designated Pullboat Engineer.