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Yard Coupler

Switch railroad cars within yard of railroad, quarry, or similar location.

What does a Yard Coupler do?

Switches railroad cars within yard of railroad, industrial plant, quarry, construction project, or similar location to load and unload cars or to make up and break up trains. Receives oral or written instructions from CONDUCTOR YARD indicating which cars are to be switched and track assignment. Raises coupling lever to uncouple cars. Signals SWITCH TENDER to throw track switches and YARD ENGINEER to move cars, using lantern or arm signals. Climbs ladder to top of car and turns handwheel to set brakes or to control speed of car when it has been shunted. Connects airhose to cars when making up trains, using wrench. Throws track switches where no SWITCH TENDER is stationed to shunt cars to different sections of yard. May talk to CONDUCTOR YARD or YARD ENGINEER via radiophone to give or receive switching information. May climb onto moving cars to set handbrakes and be designated Car Rider. When employed by establishment other than railroad, may be designated Industrial-Yard Brake Coupler, or according to locomotive involved as Brake Coupler, Dinkey.