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Yard Conductor

Supervise switch-engine crews engaged in switching railroad cars.

What does a Yard Conductor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of switch-engine crew engaged in switching railroad cars within yard of railroad, industrial plant, or similar location to facilitate loading and unloading of cars or making up and breaking up of trains. Notifies YARD ENGINEER of switching orders and, whereby, which cars are to be moved to specified locations of yard, using radio, telephone, verbal, or hand signals. Gives instructions to SWITCH TENDER to throw track switches and to YARD COUPLER to couple and uncouple cars. May keep records, number, origin, destination, and cargo of cars switched. May coordinate activities of switching crew from locomotive cab, caboose, or control tower. May assist workers to couple and uncouple cars, throw track switches, or other activities involved in switching railroad cars, as necessary. May supervise workers engaged in maintenance and repair of diesel locomotives and be designated Locomotive-Engine Supervisor.