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Writing Consultant

Help new Writers find their voice, an Agent and, ultimately, a Publisher.

What does a Writing Consultant do?

The writing process is a rewarding, frustrating, and challenging process-words don’t just jump out of one’s head, perfectly ordered into print. They need to be tugged, coaxed, molded and shaped, which is difficult to do. A Writing Consultant helps Writers in this process.

Writers generally come to a Writing Consultant with a goal in mind. Whether is it to get a manuscript published or simply to improve their skills, as a Writing Consultant you coach, teach, and inspire them in a way that drives them towards that goal. This process begins by reading their work. It might be a few sample pages, or an entire manuscript. You edit the piece for grammatical errors and sentence structure. With an overall feel for the writing, you make suggestions about tone, voice, pace, details, character development, and flow.

If the Writer is seeking a Literary Agent, you then help them formulate query letters and establish which Agents are a good fit for the work. You are able to do this because you keep close tabs on any news regarding Literary Agents and Publishers.

Through your own, extensive writing experience, you’ve acquired a bucket full of tools that allow you to aid other Writers on the same journey. This job is the perfect combination of challenge and reward-the challenge of matching each Writer’s voice exactly and the reward of watching them obtain their goals.