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Writer's Assistant

Proofread, edit, and provide basic office support for Writers.

What does a Writer's Assistant do?

The television flips on and the remote has control over myriad viewing options. But each show travels a long road before making it into primetime.

First, the idea is born, then a Scriptwriter, Screenwriter, or Staff Writer puts the idea on paper. Next, the initial script is reworked, rewritten, and re-edited until it’s ready for the Actor. Along the way, the Writer’s Assistant plays a supporting role in making sure it all gets done.

As a Writer’s Assistant, you work with the Writers who create the dialogue for television programming. The work might be a soap opera, a made-for-TV movie, or an episode of CSI. You coordinate the activities around the office-whether that be the Writer’s home or a desk at CBS.

That means a variety of things depending on whom you work for. A Writer’s Assistant’s job at one office might mean delivering coffee, mail, and dry cleaning, while at another organization, it might mean editing key scenes. That gives you plenty of opportunity to hone your scriptwriting, interpersonal, multitasking, communication, and production skills.

The television industry is fast-paced and often unpredictable. A sick Actor, scheduling changes, prop malfunctions, and political upheaval within the country can cause things to change in a matter of minutes, so your flexibility and creativeness come in handy. When you’re not bouncing from the lunch pickup line to the studio, you spend your time doing research, answering phones, making travel plans, scheduling meetings, and taking notes.