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Write anything from scripts or news to blogs or books.

What does a Writer do?

Like a baker mixing ingredients together to make a cake, a writer puts words together to create a manuscript. Although there are a few key ingredients—spelling, punctuation, and grammar, for instance — it’s entirely up to the writer how to put them together to make the finished product.

Indeed, there are a thousand ways to bake a cake, and dozens of ways to make a living as a writer. You can be a journalist—writing news articles—or a novelist, writing books. Just as easily, you can be a copywriter who writes advertisements, or a blogger who writes blog posts. You can even be a screenwriter, writing scripts for Hollywood; a technical-writer, writing manuals for manufacturers; or a grant writer, writing funding proposals for nonprofits.

No matter your format, all writers do many of the same tasks in the course of creating a manuscript. For example, the writing process typically begins with brainstorming, continues with researching, then concludes with writing, editing, and revising.

Because virtually every kind of company in every industry utilizes writers’ skills, your opportunities for employment are many. You might teach high school or college English, for example. You might work in the marketing department of a major corporation. You might write on staff at a website, newspaper, or magazine. Or, you might work freelance for the likes of publishers, government agencies, and small businesses.

Regardless of where you write, what makes you a professional writer is simple and universally true: When you write, you’re paid for your words!