Wreath Machine Tender

Tend machines that form straws into rope.

What does a Wreath Machine Tender do?

Tends machines that form straw into rope, wraps yarn around straw rope to form floral wreath bases, and winds vinyl around floral wreath bases to cover straw and complete floral wreaths. Mounts spools of yarn on spindles of roping machine and draws yarn through guide. Starts roping machine that moves straw through forming and tying mechanism to form straw rope. Winds straw rope around ring guide specified number of times and starts machine that automatically winds yarn around ring of straw rope to form wreath base. Positions straw wreath base and starts machine that automatically rotates wreath base and winds vinyl around base to cover straw. Examines wreath form to ensure straw is covered and places completed form on worktable. May be designated according to machine tended as Roping Machine Tender, Wreath Wrapper Machine.