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Wrapping-Machine Operator

Tend wrapping machines that glue wrappers onto box tops or box bottoms.

What does a Wrapping-Machine Operator do?

Tends wrapping machine that glues wrappers onto box tops or box bottoms by either of following methods. Places box parts on glued wrapper and positions them under plunger of machine. Presses pedal to lower plunger that forces box part and wrapper down past series of brushes that seal wrapper onto box part. Positions box parts onto glued wrappers conveyed by belt that feeds box parts into machine that smooths wrapper around box. May tend four corner stayer machine that folds and tapes corners of cardboard box blanks to form containers [FOUR-CORNER-STAYER-MACHINE OPERATOR]. May tend power shear that cuts sheets of paper to specified dimensions to form wrappers [CUTTING-MACHINE TENDER].