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Wrapping Machine Helper

Mount tobacco leaf and replenish glue supply in plug-overwrap machine.

What does a Wrapping Machine Helper do?

Mounts tobacco leaf and replenishes glue supply in plug-overwrap machine and assists PLUG-OVERWRAP-MACHINE TENDER to tend machine that wraps lumps of chewing tobacco in homogenized leaf. Mounts roll of homogenized tobacco leaf on overwrap machine and guides end of roll between machine rollers and under cutter. Pours glue into machine glue container to replenish supply reservoir. Pushes wire through hole of glue container to assure free flow of glue. Observes wrapping operation and removes defectively wrapped lumps from machine discharge conveyor. Wets down belts of machine, using rag, to prevent lumps from sticking to belt. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.