Wort Extractor

Tend kettles and machines that cook mash and separate resulting liquid.

What does a Wort Extractor do?

Tends kettles and separating machines that cook mash and separate resulting liquid: Assembles piping and starts pump or turns valve to start flow of mash from grinder to kettles. Places time and temperature chart in automatic recorder. Starts sweep to stir mash. Turns valve to admit steam into cooking kettle, observes pressure gauge, thermometer, and clock, and cooks mash for specified time at specified temperature. Drops iodine on mash sample and observes resulting color to determine if mash is sufficiently cooked. Records time and number of batches run. Turns valves to pump mash through centrifuge and vibrating filter to remove wort. Turns sparging valve to spray water over spent grain to recover remaining wort. Observes ammeter, thermometer, water and mash flowmeters and adjusts valves and pump pressure to prevent overloading of separating machines. Cleans kettles, piping, centrifuges, filters, and clarifiers. May pump spent grain through roller press to remove wort. May operate centrifuge to remove nonsoluble solids from wort. May push control panel button that automatically sets temperature.