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Worm Grower

Breed and raise earthworms.

What does a Worm Grower do?

Breeds and raises earthworms for sale as fishing bait, garden soil conditioners, and food for exotic fish and animals: Mixes sand, loam, and organic materials to make growing media for worms, fills growing tubs with media and adds water. Plants mature worms in growing media for breeding stock, spreads food materials over surface of media and covers it with burlap. Inspects food supply and moisture of growing media and adds water and food to maintain optimum breeding conditions for worms. Shovels worm-laden media onto screen and shakes screen to remove worms. Places specified number of worms into sales container and scoops required amount of growing media into container to sustain worms. Sells earthworms to buyers. May dry worms under heat lamps and grind and package them for sale as tropical fish food.