Word Processing Machine Operator

Operate word processing equipment.

What does a Word Processing Machine Operator do?

Operates word processing equipment to compile, type, revise, combine, edit, print, and store documents: Compiles material to be typed, following written or oral instructions. Reads instructions accompanying material, or follows verbal instructions from supervisor or person requesting document, to determine format and content required. Enters commands, flips switches, and presses buttons to establish spacing, margins, type size, style, and color, and other parameters, using computer and word processing software or other word processing equipment. Types, revises, and combines material such as correspondence, reports, records, forms, minutes of meetings, scientific or technical material, numerical data, and tabular information, from rough draft, corrected copy, recorded voice dictation, or previous version displayed on screen. Checks completed document on screen for spelling errors, using software. Proofreads and edits document for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format. Corrects errors. Stores completed document in machine memory or on data storage medium, such as disk. Enters commands to print document. May load paper in printer and change printer ribbon, print wheel, or fluid cartridges. May keep record of work performed. May input data for revision or editing, using data entry device other than keyboard, such as optical scanner. Variations in means by which tasks are accomplished result from brand of computer, printer, other word processing equipment, and software used.