Woodworking Shop Hand

Perform duties to facilitate finishing and shipping wood products.

What does a Woodworking Shop Hand do?

Performs any combination of following duties to facilitate cutting, finishing, storing, cleaning, and shipping wood products, and inspects products prior to shipment: Stacks lumber or wood products on floor or in bins to supply machine operators or assemblers, or in kiln cars, yard, or shed for storage or seasoning. Places sticks between lumber to permit air circulation, and binds stacks together during seasoning. Hammers shaped steel bands into timbers and railroad ties to prevent splitting during seasoning and inserts bolts or metal dowels through split timbers to hold parts together. Dismantles crates and removes nails and other metal from wooden parts to salvage material, using handtools. Applies filler, putty, or other material, using brush, putty knife, and fingers to fill wood pores, holes, cracks, or other indentations. Removes paint, lacquer, and other finishes from wood products, using solvent, steel wool, brush, and cloths, and sands rough spots, using sandpaper or sanding machine, to prepare surfaces for finishing. Traces patterns on lumber stock as guide for machine operator. Attaches articles to wires, cord, or hooks preparatory to dipping. Dips article into vats to coat them with paint, asphalt, or other ingredients. Marks furniture surfaces with crayon or rough-edged object to simulate antique finish. Brushes surfaces with glue preparatory to covering surfaces with leather, paper, or other materials. Nails together lumber for cutting, and places lumber on machine table. Examines materials and products for defects, finish, and grade, and accuracy of dimension and matching panels, using measuring instruments. Stamps grade on product and weighs and records units processed and inspected. Changes cutterheads and blades, adjusts belts, and performs other duties as instructed to facilitate setting up woodworking machines. Loads and unloads materials from railroad cars, trucks and barges by hand, using handtruck or industrial truck to move material to designated areas. Cleans cars and trucks and lines them with paper preparatory to loading.