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Woodworking Machine Offbearer

Off bear materials at discharge end of machines.

What does a Woodworking Machine Offbearer do?

Off bears material at discharge end of machines that cut, smooth, bore, or shape woodstock: Stacks woodstock aside or loads woodstock on truck, pallet, or conveyor for movement to additional processing stations. May count and examine woodstock to detect manufacturing defects. May reposition woodstock and feed woodstock into machine or back to operator for subsequent processing. May depress pedal to raise or lower conveyor to facilitate stacking. May discard scrap or defective pieces of woodstock into scrap containers or onto conveyor for burning. May place sticks between specified intervals of stacked woodstock to provide air circulation and increase stability of stack. May be designated according to machine assigned as Jointer Offbearer; Molder Offbearer; Planer Offbearer; Saw Offbearer; Tenoner Offbearer.