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Woodworking Machine Feeder

Feed woodstock on conveyors, hoppers, or rollers of woodworking machines.

What does a Woodworking Machine Feeder do?

Feeds woodstock on conveyors, into hoppers, or between rollers of woodworking machines that cut, saw, sand, bore, or shape woodstock: Conveys woodstock from stock area to woodworking machine, using handcart. Lifts stock from cart and feeds stock onto conveyor, into hopper, or between rollers of machine. Stops machine to remove jammed pieces or make minor adjustments, using handtools. May assist machine operator in setting up machine and in cleaning work area, machines, and equipment. May collect and convey scrap wood from machine areas to hog mill and feed scrap into machine. May be designated according to machine fed as Boring-Machine Feeder; Flooring-Machine Feeder; Molder Feeder; Stitcher Feeder; Tongue-And-Groove-Machine Feeder; or according to product as Shake Feeder. May be designated: Adzing-And-Boring-Machine Feeder; Box-Blank-Machine Feeder; Glue-Jointer Feeder; Planer Feeder; Resaw Feeder; Turner.