Wooden Frame Builder

Assemble wood frames for box springs and studio couches.

What does a Wooden Frame Builder do?

Assembles wood frames for box springs and studio couches, using handtools: Positions precut frame parts, such as sides, ends, and braces in fixture, and glues, staples, and screws them together to fabricate box spring frame, using handtools, hand stapler, and glue applicator. Trims and smooths edges of frame, using saw and planer. Nails, screws, bolts, and glues precut couch framing and attaches legs, arms, and back pieces, using handtools. Nails, screws, or bolts plywood or other material to frame to form bedding box. May cut wood parts, according to specifications, using power tools. May attach hardware, such as caster, hand-pulls, and spring hinges. May staple spring assembly to wooden frame to form box spring unit, using pneumatic staple gun. May be designated according to type of frame assembled as Box-Spring-Frame Builder; Studio-Couch-Frame Builder.