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Wood Model Maker

Build miniature wood prototypes or replicas.

What does a Wood Model Maker do?

Most projects travel through planning, research, and development phases before construction or manufacturing begins. Along the way, it’s common for someone to mock up a prototype of the product so that there’s a visual representation of the goal. This prototype serves as a working model for Engineers, Project Managers, and Architects as they discuss the project. Wood Model Makers are the talented Woodworkers who create wood models of proposed products or projects.

For example, as a Wood Model Maker, you might be asked to create a prototype for a child’s toy, a bridge, a building, or a piece of furniture. Your visual representation fosters a common understanding of what the end result will look like. This helps keep everyone on the same page.

Your output as a Wood Model Maker might end up in a boardroom, a Mayor ‘s desk, or a manufacturing plant, so you spend your day focusing on creating the perfect model. By perfect, we mean that it’s an exact scale replica of the proposed product. In order to create the perfect scale, you scour design plans, meet with Architects, take measurements, measure, and measure once more.

You have uncompromising woodworking skills. Not only do you know how to use every tool in the shop, but you also have an artistic vision of what a chunk of wood can become.