Wood Fuel Pelletizer

Tend machines that extrude, pelletize, and cool mixture of ground wood.

What does a Wood Fuel Pelletizer do?

Tends machines and equipment that automatically extrude, pelletize, and cool mixture of ground wood and bark to form wood-fuel pellets: Moves controls to adjust temperature and steam pressure gauges, according to type of wood and bark mixture being processed, regulate conveyor speed, and start machine. Periodically tests samples of extruded mixture for moisture content, using electronic moisture tester, and readjusts steam pressure gauges as required. Listens to machines and equipment and monitors control panel to detect malfunctions and to ensure production flow. Clears jams, using paddle. Removes and replaces worn dies, using wrench and screwdriver. Washes, cleans, lubricates, and greases machines and equipment, using water, detergent, brushes, rags, oilcan, and grease gun. Records control panel readings in operating log.