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Wood Carving Machine Operator

Set up and operate multiple-spindle carving machines.

What does a Wood Carving Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates multiple-spindle carving machine to make identical carvings simultaneously on pieces of wooden stock: Examines pattern, stock, and drawings, blueprints, or written instructions to determine knives needed to reproduce pattern on stock to be carved and number of pieces of carved stock needed. Selects, inserts, and locks bits in chuck of cutter spindles, using wrenches. Centers wood blanks between chucks on machine bed and secures blanks by turning handscrews or using wrenches. Inserts and locks tracer point in master chuck by turning thumbscrew or lock key. Presses starter buttons to activate cutter spindles to be used. Holds master spindle and moves tracing point over and around contours of pattern to reproduce pattern, as carvings, on blanks. Moves mechanism that turns blanks and pattern for carving on sides or for carving rounded objects, such as chair legs. Removes bits and tracing points after rough cuts are made and installs finish-cutting bits and point to complete carvings, using wrenches. May verify accuracy of carvings against specifications, using caliper, rule, or template. May blow carving chips and dust from carved blanks during carving process, using airhose, to ensure blanks are being cut according to pattern. May sharpen bits, using bench grinder.