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Wood Box Maker

Cut lumber and assemble cut lumber into boxes and crates.

What does a Wood Box Maker do?

Cuts lumber and assembles cut lumber into boxes and crates, using handtools or power tools: Measures, marks, and saws boards to specified size, using ruler, pencil, and power saws. Assembles and nails boards together, using hammer, power stapler, or nailing machine. Repairs damaged containers by replacing damaged parts, using handtools. Salvages used crating by removing nails from board with hammer, nail puller, or crowbar and by sawing ends with portable electric handsaw. May sharpen saw, using file. May insert cardboard fillers, felt pads, and wooden separators in containers. May build crate around material, using ruler, handtools, and pneumatic nailer. When repairing wooden boxes, may be known as Box Repairer I.