Wood Boatbuilder

Fabricate, repair, or modify wooden boats, life rafts, and pontoons.

What does a Wood Boatbuilder do?

Fabricates, repairs, or modifies wooden boats, life rafts, and pontoons, according to blueprints, using handtools, power tools, and measuring instruments: Lays out full-scale outline of boat on mold-loft floor, using crayon, scales, and protractor, following blueprints and table of offsets. Establishes dimensional reference points on layout and makes templates of parts. Scribes dimensional lines on lumber, following templates. Cuts and forms parts, such as keel, ribs, and sidings, using carpenter’s handtools and power tools [MACHINIST, WOOD 669.380-014]. Attaches overhead hoist to precut sections of boat hull and signals coworker to position timbers according to layout of boat, using hoist. Secures timbers together following specified procedure, using adhesive, hardware, and handtools or power tools. Assembles shell of boat by forming steam-softened sidings on mold, removing mold, and securing sidings to keel, or by securing ribs to keel and covering ribs with planking. Builds and installs structures, such as pilot house, cabin, rudder, and foundations for machinery, shafting, and propeller’s supports, and installs preformed decking, masts, booms, and ladders, according to blueprints, using handtools, power tools, scale, calipers, and gauges. Work is usually performed with other workers. May caulk seams [WOOD CAULKER 843.384-010]. May specialize in fabricating particular part of boat and be designated Bulkhead Carpenter; Bulwark Carpenter; Hull Builder; Keel Assembler.