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Women's Studies Professor

Teach university students about women's studies.

What does a Women's Studies Professor do?

Geography, language, math, literature-it seems that every subject is worthy of deeper investigation. Students looking to better understand the role of women in society, both now and in the past, rely on the knowledge of a Women’s Studies Professor.

Students enrolled in women’s studies classes come from a variety of backgrounds and aim to use their knowledge to become anything from a Nurse to a Politician. As a Women’s Studies Professor, you cover a wide range of topics. For example, you may offer a class on the role of women in the workplace, society, or the family structure. Other common topics of discussion include the history of women, famous women, different cultures, oppression, and the use of language.

Whether you’re guiding your class through a discussion on proper research methods or assigning an exam covering the biology of women, your job as a Women’s Studies Professor is not only to teach them the facts, but also to invoke passion in the subject. You do that through a balance of lectures, open discussions, tests, homework, written and oral reports, and community research.

Speaking of research, most Professors are expected to perform research that adds to the understanding within the scientific community. That’s great for your students as well, who benefit from your willingness to mentor them. Also, at the Women’s Studies Professor level, you’re involved in all campus activities ranging from developing curriculum offerings to making arrangements for guest speakers.