Women's Apparel and Accessories Salesperson

Sell women's clothing and accessories.

What does a Women's Apparel and Accessories Salesperson do?

Sells women’s clothing and accessories, such as coats, sportswear, suits, dresses, formal gowns, lingerie, hosiery, belts, gloves, costume jewelry, handbags, and scarfs: Advises customer on current fashion and coordinating accessories. Answers questions regarding washability, durability, and color fastness of fabrics. May mark garments for alterations. Performs other duties as described under SALESPERSON Master Title. May be designated according to specific category or type of item sold as Salesperson, Fashion Accessories; Salesperson, Handbags; Salesperson, Hosiery; Salesperson, Lingerie; Salesperson, Women’s Dresses; Salesperson, Women’s Sportswear.