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Wiring Technician

Run electrical wire inside computers, electronics and machinery.

What does a Wiring Technician do?

The job of a Wiring Technician is a lot like that of an Assembly Technician or Extrusion Line Technician. Just like those other Technicians, Wiring Technicians are responsible for putting things together, keeping the machines they work with in good condition, and constantly checking quality to make sure customers get a good product.

The difference in this job lies in what you spend your days working on. As a Wiring Technician, you do the wiring for products like computer networks, electronics, and pretty much anything that relies on wires to run or function.

The biggest skill you need for this job is the ability to understand wiring and wiring schematics. Depending on your job level, you might design the layout for the company’s wiring, or you might just follow the design your Supervisor has made. While you’re installing wires, you look for things like stripped coatings or broken connectors, as these will affect the way the wires work. You replace broken wires and recoat cables to keep them in good condition.

When you’re not installing new wires, you spend your days checking up on old ones. You perform basic maintenance and do periodic tests to look for electronic bugs or anything else that can affect performance. When something is broken, you contact vendors, order new parts, and negotiate prices. Throughout all your work, you keep a detailed maintenance plan to ensure that pieces are replaced on schedule.