Wire Winding Machine Tender

Tend machines that wind wires around cured rubber hose for reinforcement.

What does a Wire Winding Machine Tender do?

Tends machine that winds wire around cured rubber hose for reinforcement: Positions spool of specified wire onto letoff rack, using hoist, and threads wire through machine. Adjusts machine for specified diameter of hose and pitch of wire spirals, using handtools. Pulls hose onto feed conveyor and positions hose in fixture of machine. Starts machine that winds wire onto hose. Verifies diameter and pitch of wire spirals with caliper and rule. Examines wire to ensure close fit around hose. Cuts wire and crimps ends, using handtools. Coils hose on skid or in packing box for removal to storage or shipping area. May attach coupling hardware to hose [HOSE-COUPLING JOINER].