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Wire Weaving Loom Setter

Set up power looms to weave wires into screening.

What does a Wire Weaving Loom Setter do?

Sets up power looms to weave wire into screening and cloth to size, mesh, and weave patterns specified by work orders, diagrams, and data charts, applying knowledge of machine function, principles of mechanics and shop mathematics: Selects functional machine parts, such as reeds, heddles, and shuttle, according to wire specified and aligns and bolts them to machine. Selects, positions, and installs cams, shuttle thrower, and gears and turns speed control knobs to synchronize action of machine to produce size and pattern of weave specified, using precision measuring instruments and handtools. Turn knobs to adjust electric eye control which automatically stops machine when specified run is completed, shuttle or warp wire runs out, or wire breaks. Threads wire from back beam through heddles and reeds to cloth roll, and install bobbins in shuttle. Starts machine and makes trial runs. Inspects sample, visually and using gauges and readjusts machine to correct malfunction. May replace or repair broken parts of machine. May tend bobbin-winding machine to wind bobbins for installation in loom. May be designated by product specialty as Loom Setter, Fourdrinier.