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Wire Sawyer

Set up and operate one or more wire saws to cut blocks of stone.

What does a Wire Sawyer do?

Sets up and operates one or more wire saws to cut blocks of stone into specified dimensions: Threads cables through machine pulleys and solders ends of cable together, using silver solder and torch. Builds bed of timbers on car preparatory to positioning stone on car. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 or operates crane to position stone on bed of car. Starts winch that pulls car onto track under sawing cable. Levels stone on timber bed, using crowbar, wedges, blocks, rule, and spirit level. Marks dimensions on stone according to diagram, using rule, square, straightedge, and chalked line. Presses button to lower sawing cable onto stone and moves car to align cable with line marked on stone. Positions abrasive hose on stone, and starts saw and pump that circulate abrasive and water under moving cables that cut stone by dragging abrasive across stone. Observes operation to detect uneven sawing and exhausting supply of abrasive. Tightens pulleys to increase tension on cables to restore even sawing. Dumps abrasive in abrasive pit to maintain cutting speed. Verifies width or thickness of cut stone, using rule. Replaces worn cables. May cut sheet metal pattern of design to be sawed. May drill holes in stone and insert saw cable through hole, using portable drill. May operate vertically mounted wire saw to cut out designs in stone. May be designated according to type of saw operated as Contour Wire Sawyer; Multiple-Wire Sawyer.