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Wire Rope Sling Maker

Fabricate wire rope slings from cut lengths of wire rope.

What does a Wire Rope Sling Maker do?

Fabricates wire rope slings from cut lengths of wire rope: Cuts wire rope to specified length, using hand shears or abrasive cutting wheel. Marks rope at specified points, using chalk, and seizes at marks to facilitate forming sling. Forms loop and makes splice, using either of following methods: on mechanical splice, splits rope by separating three adjacent strands to seizing, leaving other three strands and core intact. Bends sets of strands into desired size loop crossing over with one set. Lays strand sections alternately back into rope grooves until sections are laid into throat. Cuts out core and attaches metal sleeve to base of loop. Presses sleeve onto rope, using mechanical or hydraulic press: on hand splice, forms loop at end of rope to seizing. Places loop in splicing vise or places thimble in loop, when required. Interweaves or tucks loose end of strands into body strands, using marlinespike. Cuts protruding ends and hammers down splice, using block of wood and mallet. Wraps wire over splice, when required. Attaches fittings, such as hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, and sockets, to slings according to customer’s order. May apply some fittings by swaging or filling with molten zinc.