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Wire Remover

Edit out Actors' harnesses and other unwanted objects from film footage.

What does a Wire Remover do?

Movies transport viewers to other worlds and realms, and Wire Removers make that magic happen. From a Kung Fu fight sequence to filming done near power lines, Wire Removers edit out unwanted lines and wires, such as an Actor ‘s harness for performing stunts or cables in the background of a scene. The Wire Remover is a special type of Visual Effects Artist, and may or may not work on other editing aspects depending on the size of the project.

Your typical day as a Wire Remover is spent in the office. You face some stiff competition landing high-paying positions, but once you’ve developed your portfolio, you can work for top special effects companies. Each project brings a different challenge, whether it’s erasing a harness out of video footage so an Actor appears to be flying, or deleting the reflection of lines in a glass window.

To do your job well, you devote hours to editing a handful of frames. Each must be examined for stray marks to cover up. Though the process is time-consuming, the flawless final production (and a nice paycheck) makes it worth your efforts.

For those who master the art of wire removal and special effects editing, a Special Effects Foreman position is a possibility. Instead of sitting all the time in front of a computer screen, you spend your days on the set with the Director. You help her set up the cameras and green screens properly to make the post-production editing process as easy as possible.