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Wire Preparation Machine Tender

Tend machines that cut, strip, and mark identifying stripes on wire.

What does a Wire Preparation Machine Tender do?

Tends machines that automatically cut, strip, and mark identifying stripes or other information on wire used in electrical installations or assemblies: Places reel of specified wire onto play-out spindle of machine and threads wire through feed rolls. Adjusts machine controls to regulate factors, such as wire thickness, pressure, heat, and cutting and stripping length. Starts machine and observes operation to detect machine malfunction. Places boxes under ejection roll or manually removes and bundles or boxes cut, stripped, and marked wire. Examines wire for conformance to specifications and removes defective pieces. Observes automatic counter or counts finished pieces, and records data on tags or boxes. May install drive adjustment and tension or adjustment rolls in machine. May install ram and dies that bend finished pieces of wire to specified angles. May replace dull or broken cutting or stripping blades. May tend machine that automatically bends wire to specified angle. May tend machine that crimps and attaches connectors and terminals to wire ends. May tend numerical control wire preparation machine and be designated Numerical-Control-Wire-Preparation-Machine Tender.