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Wire Mesh Knitter

Tend bank of machines that knit strands of wire to form mesh tubing.

What does a Wire Mesh Knitter do?

Tends bank of machines that automatically knit strands of wire to form mesh tubing: Places spool of wire on frame of machine and inserts flyer spindle in top hole of spool. Threads wire through guide on flyer, through pulley of rotating frame, around and under hooks of knitting needles and fastens end to tube roller. Slides guide of belt sideways to engage pulley and start machine. Observes machine to detect faulty knitting and wire breaks. Measures width of mesh tube with ruler to ensure conformance to specifications. Stops machine to rethread and tie broken wires, replace spools of wire and remove rolls of mesh tubing. Notifies supervisor of repairs or adjustments needed. Obtains specified size and type of wire from storeroom. Stacks rolls of mesh tubing for pickup. Sprays wire with oil, soap suds or other lubricant to reduce friction.