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Wire Mesh Filter Fabricator

Fabricate and install wire-mesh screening in housings of filters.

What does a Wire Mesh Filter Fabricator do?

Fabricates and installs wire-mesh screening in housings of filters used for swimming pools and in motors of jet aircraft, motor boats, and automobiles, following blueprints or sketches, using handtools, power tools, and metalworking tools: Cuts copper or stainless steel wire-mesh screening sections according to dimensional specifications, using hand shears, scissors, or power shears. Joins sections of screening, using spot welding or riveting machines. Solders seams of screen with soldering iron or silver solder and acetylene torch. Applies silver solder and flux to screening crosspieces, and places screening in gas-fired furnace to melt solder, using tongs. Fits screening into housing of filter and solders screening in place. May fabricate and install wire-mesh screening in housing of experimental model fitters and be designated Experimental Fabricator-And-Installer.