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Wire Harness Assembler

Route and tie wires to form wire harness.

What does a Wire Harness Assembler do?

Routes and ties wires to form wire harness used in electrical and electronic equipment or systems: Reads instructions, such as work orders, diagrams, and wire lists to determine materials needed and sequence of assembly. Selects wires of specified color, marking, or length, and loops wires between guide pegs on harness board, following color-coded lines or sequential numbers on board or diagram. Wraps and ties wires together at designated points to form harness, manually or using tie-wrap gun. May apply sealing liquid to secure knots in ties, using brush. May attach ends of wires to components, plugs, or terminal strip, using soldering iron or crimping device. May insert cable in plastic tubing or inject plastic sealant around terminals to protect cable from dust and moisture. May test wiring continuity, using continuity tester. May mark identifying data on completed harness.