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Wire Frame Dipper

Immerse preshaped wire frames in liquid plastic to form articles.

What does a Wire Frame Dipper do?

Immerses preshaped wire frames in liquid plastic to form articles, such as flowers and foliage, prior to decorating, using either of following methods: Slides metal tube over wire stem of frame to prevent coating of stem. Immerses frame in plastic solution, slides tube down to base of petals, and observes frame to ensure that plastic has covered area within frame. Secures stem on holder above container to allow excess plastic to drip into container. Removes article from holder, removes tube, and places article on drying rack. Dips wire frame in plastic solution and removes article after area within frame is filled. Bends holding wire and hangs filled in frame on hook of conveyor to dry. Mixes plastic solutions according to formula. Records daily production.