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Wire Drawing Operator

Turn metal into steel silk for dental braces, guitar strings, and jewelry

What does a Wire Drawing Operator do?

Tiny, delicate twists of wire can wind around precious stones and help women accentuate their long fingers and slender necks. Thin strips of metal can also be used to decorate and tame tangled teeth. In both cases, the wires must be thin, strong, and of the same diameter from end to end. A Wire Drawing Operator creates this product using a sophisticated tool and a keen understanding of the characteristics of metal.

As a Wire Drawing Operator, you operate a large machine that can accept a series of dies. These pieces squeeze and compress the metal into the desired shape. Working as a Wire Drawing Operator means knowing exactly which die to use, and at what point to use it, in order to get the final result you crave.

Jewelry Designers, dental equipment suppliers, and others place orders for specific types, lengths, and widths of wire, and you study these requests carefully. Then, you select the proper raw materials and pound the end of the wire so it will fit in your tool.

Next, you select the proper dies and begin to wind the raw wire into the machine using hand tools and brute strength. Once this winding is done, you turn the machine on and watch the metal as it moves through the dies. Adjusting the speed of the machine and spraying lubricant on the raw materials keep the tension perfect and the wire from breaking.

Once the process is through, you use calipers and other specialized tools to measure the strength and width of the finished product.