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Wire Drawer

Set up and operate wiredrawing machines to draw round or fancy-shaped wire.

What does a Wire Drawer do?

Sets up and operates one or more wiredrawing machines to draw round or fancy-shaped wire or rod through one or series of dies to reduce its cross-sectional dimension, applying knowledge of working properties of metal and wiredrawing: Studies specifications and determines setup procedures. Positions and secures specified dies in dieholders, using handtools. Lifts coil of wire onto feed reel, tapers end, and threads it through dies. Secures end of wire in jaws of drawing block or onto spool which rotates and pulls wire through dies. Coats wire with lubricant to facilitate drawing and starts machine. Inspects and measures drawn wire to verify conformance to specified shape, size, or electrical resistance, using measuring instruments, such as wire gauges, micrometers, and resistance testers. Cuts defective sections from wire, using wire cutters. Replaces worn dies, using handtools. Records production. May feed wire through electrodes of annealing unit to soften work-hardened wire. May weld ends of separate coils together to increase their length, using welding equipment. May be designated according to experience with particular size and shape of wire drawn or material worked on as Coarse-Wire Drawer; Fine-Wire Drawer. Important variations may also be indicated by trade name of machine used.