Wire Coiler

Set up and operate wire-coiling machines to coil wire.

What does a Wire Coiler do?

Sets up and operates wire-coiling machine to coil wire for electrical appliance heating element: Selects wire of specified thickness. Bolts coiling disks to machine to make coils of specified size. Positions electric eye to activate automatic cutting mechanism, allowing for trimming of coil ends, using handtools. Threads wire through guides and between disks and starts machine. Hangs coil of each run to contacts of testing device, pulls switch, and reads watt and voltage input on meters. Resets electric eye, changes disks, or threads different gauge wire into machine to correct discrepancies. May cut wire at end of coil, using wire snips, watching meter for desired length. May use wire-cutting-and-stripping machine [LEAD FORMER 691.685-018].