Winery Worker

Perform tasks involved in winemaking.

What does a Winery Worker do?

Performs any combination of following tasks involved in winemaking: Lifts bulk grapes or dried pomace onto conveyor leading to crusher, disintegrator, or de-alcoholizer still, using pitchfork. Connects portable pumps between tanks and turns valves to pump wine and alcohol from fermenting and fortifying tanks to tanks that cool wine to prevent further fermentation. Pumps chilled wine into clarifying tanks and adds prescribed chemicals to wine. Starts agitator that mixes solution to induce sedimentation of wine particles. Pumps clarified wines through filtering tanks into tank to obtain blended wine. Pumps wine through pasteurizer to prevent wine spoilage. Pumps pasteurized wine through filtering device to collect sediment and precipitates and into tanks in bottling room. Tends press that separates juice from pomace and starts conveyor that transports pomace to disintegrating machine. Starts disintegrating machine and de-alcoholizer steam still that salvages alcohol from pomace, and starts conveyor that transports residue to storage. Cleans and sterilizes fermenting and fortifying tanks and railroad tank cars, using airhose and soda ash.