Winery Tasting Room Manager

Direct all activities and workers at a winery tasting room.

What does a Winery Tasting Room Manager do?

Winery Tasting Room Managers oversee (you guess it!) a tasting room. When customers want to sample the wines, it’s your jobs to make sure they have a delicious time.

What’s an average day like?

The biggest and most important responsibility for Winery Tasting Room Managers is to provide first-rate customer service, because in many ways, they serve as the face of the winery. If you’re a Winery Tasting Room Manager, you not only help customers as they ask questions and search for the perfect wine, but you also lead other tasting room staff in providing excellent help.

This might mean answering wine-related questions, updating inventory to ensure a favorite wine is always in stock, keeping the tasting room clean, or helping with any problems that might arise between your staff and customers. To be excellent at this job, you need to really understand wine, and be comfortable talking about your winery and its wares.

But the tasting room isn’t the only place that requires your presence. A big part of your job takes place behind closed doors. You handle marketing efforts, keep track of sales, update inventory, and keep an eye on the budget. Some wineries have wine clubs for preferred customers, and the responsibilities of advertising, signing members, and organizing events fall on you.

Why does this job matter?

The tasting room of a winery is one of the most important places for the business. This is usually the last place customers visit on a tour, and the place where they not only buy wine, but solidify their opinion of the entire winery. You ensure they have a great experience, from start to finish!